Our Work

Here’s a look at some of our previous work. In addition to our vast studio resources, we also offer off-site videography services.

At the heart of every project we take on is our mission to enhance your company or organization’s presence through visual storytelling. Our work is creative and compelling, grabbing the viewer’s attention and holding onto it so that your story can be told in a way that represents who you are.

A video production house helping brands and organizations develop their presence through creative & compelling visual storytelling

Build a video marketing campaign that draws both attention and revenue to your business

Event coverage to use as a future promotional sales device for your company

Ready to let Avenir Cine tell your company’s story? Book time at our study space or send us a message to learn more about what we can do to help craft your vision.

Great videography and compelling visual storytelling is available for you right here in Buffalo, NY. Contact Avenir Cine today!

Our Current and Past Clients