Studio Rental

Avenir Cine Offers State-of-theArt Facilities in the Buffalo area

White Cyclorama

$150/ first hour and $85/hr each additional

Avenir Cine - Gear Rentals

Green Cyclorama

$150/ first hour and $85/hr each additional

Avenir Cine - Gear Rentals

Multiple Backdrops

for portrait photography

Avenir Cine 3-Wall Studio Rental

3 Wall Creative Set

(pricing varies per project)

Avenir Cine Product Bay Studio Rental

Product Bay


Avenir Cine’s state-of-the-art studio space in Buffalo, NY has everything your project needs for success. You can use the form above to book your studio rental, and get started with your videography or photography project.

  • Need to place your subject somewhere not at all possible in real life? Try our Green Cyclorama.
  • Looking to shoot a music video or infinity-space type interview? The White Cyclorama will make your video come to life.
  • Want to shoot documentary-style interviews or do some model photography? Multiple Backdrops┬áis the place for that.
  • Need to create different set designs (e.g. a living room, backstage at a concert)? Our Three-Wall Creative Set has everything you’re looking for.
  • Looking to do professional product photography with creative lighting, backdrops, and camera movement? Reserve time at our Product Bay

Still have questions about studio rental? No problem! Fill out the form below tell us a little about your project, and someone will get back you soon.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and discussing ways to develop your brand’s presence through creative and compelling visual storytelling. Here are some current and past clients we’ve worked with in the past.